FR: Please highlight all terms on page and show popup by hover

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Issue #70 wontfix
Pavel created an issue


Thank you for the plugin.

Some commercial glossary plugins like highlight all terms on page if theirs defined in glossary.

Could you please implement that too? It is very useful to see what terms is just hover mouse on it and do not try luck on every word on page.

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  1. Scott Selberg

    Hi, the simple glossary is really simple. When a word is highlighted it scans to see if a page exists with that name. This has the advantage that under the hood it's all standard confluence functionality. But, to do what you request means matching every word/phrase on the page against every page in confluence which will kill performance. So, if this functionality is really imporant to you, I recommend you buy one of the commercial plugins that have implemented all of the back end logic to make that search less costly.

  2. Pavel reporter

    I would suggest add hook on page template parsing and highlight terms which defined in glossary by some special tag or attribute. To do not scan pages each time it may just maintain some sort of cache. Off course it more preferable do on backend side. Really cache important but is not necessary - I doubt enumerate page names in space with some category is heavy operation.

    Do you accept the pull request with such highlight functionality or I should do separate fork for that?

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