A simple web2py plugin for Sublime Text 3.

I started to develop this plugin because I use both applications on daily basis and I'd like to leave Sublime as little as possible

I hope you will find the plugin as useful as I do

What is this repository for?

  • This repository holds the web2py plugin for Sublime Text 3 called W2P
  • V 0.3.1

How do I get set up?

  1. Through package control
    1. Open Sublime Text
    2. Start package control*
    3. Search W2P and install
    4. Add a web2py application folder to Sublime Text 3 to make the plugin work
    5. Restart Sublime Text
  2. Manual
    1. Clone this repo
    2. Copy the content into your Sublime Text 3 Packages directory
      1. Open Sublime Text 3
      2. Go to Preferences menu
      3. Choose Browse Packages
    3. Add a web2py application folder to Sublime Text 3 to make the plugin work
    4. Restart Sublime Text

The plugin is developed on Windows7/Ubuntu 15.04

It is tested on those environtments. If you have a mac and would like to test I would be very appreciated for any feed back


  • Start web2py web server
    • Port, password, cert, key can be configured in settings
  • Stop web2py web server
  • Automatically restart web server if a module file is modified (manual restart also possible)
  • Clear web2py application errors (deletes files from application/errors folder)
  • Run tests from specific folder in web2py environtment uses (web2py -S {app} -M -R
    • You can specify a test location in settings, or if non provided the following folders will be checked:
      • {app}/tests
      • web2py/tests/{app}
  • Setup SublimeREPL integration for web2py {app} if the plugin is installed (Interactive web2py shell from Sublime)
  • Open view file associated with the function under the cursor
  • Insert models + modules as from {model/module} import * after a if False: to prevent run but to make Sublime auto completion aware

Contribution guidelines

If you would like to contribute fork the repo and submit a pull request If you would like to see any feature please open an enhancement ticket with your feature request

I would like to say thank you to

All Sublime Text developrs (Unfortunately I don't know names :()

Massimo Di Pierro and all the contributors for web2py

Oscar Campos (DamnWidget) for Anaconda plugin which helped me a lot to write my own

Will Bond for his article on and Package Control

Wojciech Bederski for SublimeREPL plugin

at last but not least:

Fred Kornyev who gave me time beside my daily tasks at work and also helps with testing the plugin

Who do I talk to?

If you have any question feel free to use the issue tracker or contact me directly via e-mail: