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nose-exclude is a Nose plugin that allows you to easily specify directories to be excluded from testing.

Exclude Directories

The --exclude-dir= option is made available after installation of the plugin. The option may be used multiple times to exclude multiple directories from testing. The directory paths provided may be absolute or relative.


$ nosetests --exclude-dir=test_dirs/build \
    --exclude-dir=test_dirs/test_not_me test_dirs
Ran 4 tests in 0.006s


This example will exclude the directories test_dirs/build and test_dirs/test_not_me from nosetests' test searching.

Using File-Based Exclusion List

The --exclude-dir-file= option can be used to pass in a predefined list of directories contained within a file. nose-exclude expects each directory to be excluded to be on its own line.


$ nosetests --exclude-dir-file=test_dirs/exclude_dirs.txt \
Ran 4 tests in 0.006s


where exclude_dirs.txt might look like:

# Start a line with a '#' to include
# Comments

Excluding Specific Test Methods and Classes

Tests can now be excluded by specifying their fully qualified test paths. Tests can be excluded using either --exclude-test or --exclude-test-file.

To exclude test methods:


To exclude test classes:


To exclude test functions:


Using Environment Variables

--exclude-dir= can be set by the environment variables NOSE_EXCLUDE_DIRS. Multiple exclude paths may be entered by separating them using a ;. The environment variable NOSE_EXCLUDE_DIRS_FILE when set to the path of a file-based exclusion list functions as though it were passed in with --exclude-dir-file=.

Nose Configuration Files

nose-exclude options can also be passed to nosetests using a .noserc or nose.cfg file. If you more than one directory are to be excluded separate their values with newlines using the same configuration key:



Please report all bugs (and patches) to

NOTE: The previous bitbucket repository is no longer actively maintained.