This repository contains various scripts I've put together for use on linux.

overload - overload linux commands to have more options, better defaults
This script started out of three goals:
  • add better default actions to commands that had poor default actions,
  • add enhance existing options/flags for commands, and
  • mix additional commands into existing ones for more natural use.
It can be used directly (ex: overload svn ls), by creatying symbolic links to the script, or by creating bash functions in your bashrc like the following:
  • svn() { overload svn "$@"; }

  • hg() { overload hg "$@"; }

    When called, it looks for a bash function defined in the current environment or ~/.overloadrc file. If found, it will call that function with the remaining arguments. For example, if I've symlinked svn to overload, svn ls foo bar would look first for a function svn_ls_foo_bar(), then svn_ls_foo(), then svn_ls(), then svn().

    I've provided my current .overloadrc to show some examples. For example, I have defined svn us which calls svn update then svn status in order. I've also done things like altered the default of svn add when no arguments are supplied (svn default's to throwing an error, I automatically add all new files.)

I've also added better behavior for hg rm so that it will delete all missing files. dependences

  • bash
wmsnap - simple window management and position (like Windows Vista/7)
It uses the above to simulate roughly the equivalent of windows 7 style window position command. I've bound meta+left to 'wmsnap left', meta+up to 'wmsnap up', and so on. There are some issues, but this is at least usable and good first pass.
  • wmctrl
  • xdotool
  • bash