inconsistent wording for "Menu Item" option when adding a button

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Issue #71 resolved
Jeff Almasol created an issue
  1. open KBar Settings
  2. click Add Button

--> "Menu Item" is the only option that isn't phrased as an action like the others.

change to "Invoke Menu Item" (to use the terminology you use for the button's tooltip)?

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  1. Jeff Almasol reporter

    the other option here is to make the other choices shorter, to match the text that you show next to the pencil icon. e.g.,

    • Effect
    • Preset
    • Expression
    • Menu Item (or maybe Menu Command ?)
    • Extension
    • Script (JSX/JSXBIN) <-- calling it this first, partly because it's more user-friendly, but also on Windows the .jsx/.jsxbin extension are hidden by default at the OS level
    • Scriptlet

    the button already says "Add Button", so more succinct wording for the choices seems ok.

    for the undo events ("Undo <action>") for these, you might want to use something like these for <action>:

    • Apply Effect "..."
    • Apply Preset "..."
    • Set Expression "..."
    • Invoke Menu Item "..." (or Choose Menu Item "..." or Choose Menu Command "..."); "choose" terminology is mainly used in AE Help for menu commands)
    • Open Extension "..." (i don't have any other extensions, so can't really test this)
    • Run Script "..."
    • Run Scriptlet "..."
  2. Jeff Almasol reporter

    for the undo events...

    • Effect: shows up as "Undo <effect name>". for consistency with presets and the Add Button option, add "Apply", as in: "Undo Apply <effect name>"?
    • Preset: i mentioned elsewhere, but odd it doesn't reference the preset name anymore, just "Undo Apply Preset"
    • Expression: to match the Add Button option, i'd change the undo event from "Undo Setting Expression" to "Undo Set Expression".
  3. Rafi Khan

    I will but not right now. I have this noted in the code to do in an incremental update later on. The issue is the test matrix. There's a bunch of edge cases for presets.

    I'll update "Setting Expression" to "Set Expression".

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