Set Expression dialog uses SAVE/CLOSE buttons, but seems more appropriate as OK/CANCEL

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Issue #75 resolved
Jeff Almasol created an issue
  1. open KBar Settings
  2. click Add Button > Set Expression, then give the expression a name and type the expression.
  3. click SAVE or click CLOSE.

--> unlike Scriptlets, there's no interactive (EXECUTE) mode, so what's the purpose of these names (e.g., SAVE not closing the dialog, CLOSE really cancelling changes)? am i missing some mode?

seems more consistent to have it as OK (and close immediately) and CANCEL, like most other dialogs for adding a button, at least the way expressions work right now.

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  1. Rafi Khan

    Made all the dialog modes consistent and renamed "EXECUTE" to "TEST" and also put it on the expression dialog.

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