panel brightness doesn't match AE's panel brightness

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Issue #82 wontfix
Jeff Almasol created an issue

the KBar panel's brightness doesn't exactly match AE's panel brightness. see attached image for comparison for darkest, mid-point, and lightest AE brightnesses.

is this a CEP issue?

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  1. Jeff Almasol reporter

    yeah, even AE's viewer (Composition panel) and other panels (e.g., Project) have variations. ugh.

  2. Rafi Khan

    Technically you can make the colors track with brightness but it creates a UI/UX challenge. If you adjust the brightness first and THEN pick a custom color then the picked color wont match the rendered color. You'd have to educate the user to reset preferences to a neutral value first and then go back to adjust. I'd imagine that's worse, no? If you have ideas on this I'm open to hearing it out.

  3. Jeff Almasol reporter

    note that i'm just referring to the panel background gray to be the same shade as the AE panel background color, not affecting any icon color.

    or are you saying that the icon color is currently being affected by the AE's Background slider value? if so, kinda unexpected.

  4. Remco Janssen

    Yep, it seems AE is not showing the correct value and it reports the wrong value in the CEP API call.

  5. Rafi Khan

    This is going to be an annoying pain in the ass to fix. I'm pushing this out to 2.0-beta when I can re-evaluate the coloring engine I'm using.

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