Pink highlight color in config screen

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Issue #85 resolved
Rune Gangsø created an issue

In the config screen, the highlight color in all windows/modals/buttons is pink, instead of the normal blue.

The color seems to be #EDC1D4 from what I can tell, using the "Digital color meter" app in MacOS.

Config screen with pink highlight

After Effects version: MacOS 10.11.6

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  1. Rafi Khan

    I directly render whatever color I'm given by AE. I'm not sure why you and @rendertom are getting this pink.

    Can you open up http://localhost:8090/ and look at the console output? I print the theme object that's returned. It should look something like this:

    color output.png

  2. Rune Gangsø reporter

    I just realised you are getting the color set in the MacOS system preferences, which in my case is set to pink. That color is used by Finder and other apps when the user selects text or elements in Finder.

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