script alert dialogs should include your plug-in's name for identification

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Issue #90 resolved
Jeff Almasol created an issue

to help identify which app is invoking a script alert() dialog, it's recommended to include identification in the alert's dialog's title bar (e.g., "KBar"). in most cases the user might know who's generating the alert, but if there's some action that takes awhile and the user has switched to a different app, or maybe if a script you're invoking calls other things that might be causing an error, it can be helpful to isolate the source of an error.

for example, this one (when i renamed a script after adding a button for it):

    Script Alert
    The file 'D:/almasol/Dropbox/Scripts/rd_Movement.jsx' could not run.  Please check the file path and permissions and try again

there are others, like the one mentioned in

also, for the above script message... only one space between sentences, not two, and that second sentence needs to end in a period. ;-)

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  1. Rafi Khan

    I'll see how to add the title and incorporate it in. And of course, I'll fix the spacing/period =P

  2. Jeff Almasol reporter

    the custom title is just the second arg for alert(), as in alert("hello there", "KBar")

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