invalid menu command ids aren't filtered out

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Issue #91 resolved
Jeff Almasol created an issue
  1. open KBar Settings
  2. click Add Button > Invoke Menu Command
  3. for the command id, enter: "3000" or \"3000* or anything that's not really a number
  4. click ok
  5. click toolbar button

--> Unable to execute script at line 1. After Effects error: Unable to call “executeCommand” because of parameter 1. NaN is not an integer.

unsure how you're doing detection of menu command ids, but could there be some filtering/conversion that happens to sanitize it so the user doesn't get an error? sure, this is me trying to stress the code, so hopefully most users won't run into this.

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  1. Jeff Almasol reporter

    fyi, the new error message:

    Could not run menu item ""3000"" Perhaps there was a typo?. Error: Command Id for ""3000"" was not found.

    has an extra period after the question mark.

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