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Issue #93 resolved
Jeff Almasol created an issue

[Installing KBar]

  • "On Mac OSX Drag" --> "On Mac OS X, drag" or "On macOS, drag" if you want to use the new-style Apple uses to reference their OS.
  • "On Windows go" --> "On Windows, go"
  • "kbar-1.0.zxp" --> "kbar-1.0.0.zxp" (unsure how specific you want to get each time you put out a release)

[Starting KBar]

  • "menu and click" --> "menu, then click"
  • "switch toolbars right click" --> "switch toolbars, right-click"
  • periods for both bullets

[Configuring KBar]

  • will user know what the "panel menu" means? hopefully.
  • "right click" --> "right-click"
  • sentence-ending period

[Buttons Tab]

  • i usually put a comma after the intro "To ..." and before the step (e.g., "To reorder buttons, just ..."), but up to you.
  • "click on it" --> "click it" (click usually implies doing the action on something)
  • self-evident how to delete a button or toolbar? or you could combine with the last bullet as "To rename or delete ..."?

[Settings Tab]

  • "the Import/Export buttons" --> "the Import/Export Toolbars"

"Getting Support on KBar" --> "Getting Support for KBar"?

Comments (5)

  1. Jeff Almasol reporter

    for the README.pdf released today (RC2?), a few things were missed...

    [Installing KBar]

    • "kbar-1.0.zxp" --> "kbar-1.0.0.zxp" (unsure how specific you want to get each time you put out a release)

    [Starting KBar]

    • "right click" --> "right-click"
  2. Rafi Khan

    Thanks Jeff. It looks like I exported the wrong pdf file into the zip that had these specific fixes in them. Will update accordingly.

  3. Jeff Almasol reporter

    fyi, the comments from July 4 still apply to the version of the README.pdf included with the first-released version. probably expected given README.pdf is dated 6/28/17.

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