Team Name: Typing is the bottleneck
Private Identifier: hibinogumi

We made following three major components to tuckle with this 80-ish garb^H^H^H^H heritage.
* ML-ish mini-language to GCC compiler, written based on Eijiro Sumii's educational compiler "MinCaml". This is placed under "src/chun/min-caml".
* OCaml to GCC compiler, written bsed on OCaml compiler-libs. This is placed under "src/m2ym/compiler".
* Game State Simulator, written by Haskell from full-scratch, placed under "src/kee/game".

For GHC, since our human comiplers are hard-workers, we do not need special gadgets to do that. Perhaps our approch is very similar to what 80s game developers did, isn't it?

The specification of the GCC was very large to implement, an also it is error-prone. We solved this problem by translating GCC specification in the document into direct Haskell program (see src/hibi/vm-gcc.) Even with such an approach, the specification is too large, that we feel we would like to change our team name into "Specification size is the bottleneck".

Have fun excavating our source of garbages!