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Yit Phang Khoo  committed 6f4c273

Also label benchmark with the HG working copy (or MQ parent) revision number.

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 benchmark-% : check $(OCAMLBUILD_PRODUCTDIR)/runbenchmark%.py ocamlbuild//runbenchmark%.native
 	ulimit -s hard && \
 		$(OCAMLBUILD_PRODUCTDIR)/runbenchmark$*.py \
-			-L "$(strip $(shell hg qapplied --config defaults.qapplied=))" \
+			$(and $(shell hg id 2>/dev/null),--label "r$(shell (hg id -n -rqparent && hg qapplied --config defaults.qapplied= || hg id -n) 2>/dev/null)") \
 resummarize-benchmark-% : check $(OCAMLBUILD_PRODUCTDIR)/runbenchmark%.py ocamlbuild//runbenchmark%.native