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STP is a constraint solver (also referred to as a decision procedure or automated prover) aimed at solving constraints generated by program analysis tools, theorem provers, automated bug finders, biology, cryptography, intelligent fuzzers and model checkers.

Homepage: http://stp.github.io/stp/

Documentation: https://github.com/stp/stp/wiki


  • Vijay Ganesh
  • Trevor Hansen


Paper on STP Internals:

A Decision Procedure for Bit-Vectors and Arrays by Vijay Ganesh and David L. Dill. In Proceedings of Computer Aided Verification 2007 (CAV 2007), Berlin, Germany, July 2007 (pdf) (bib)

Paper on EXE Concolic Tester:

EXE: Automatically Generating Inputs of Death by Cristian Cadar, Vijay Ganesh, Peter Pawlowski, Dawson Engler, David Dill. In Proceedings of ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security 2006 (CCS 2006), Alexandria, Virginia, October, 2006 (pdf) (bib)