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*Mercury.txt*               Mercury Compiler Support Plugins
                            Author: Sergey Khorev <>

1. Overview                                         |mercury-overview|
2. Installation                                     |mercury-installation|
3. Filetype plugin                                  |mercury-ftplugin|
4. Mercury commands plugin                          |mercury-commands|
5. Syntax highlighting                              |mercury-syntax|
6. Customisation                                    |mercury-customisation|

1. Overview                                            *mercury-overview*

This is a set of Vim plugins to simplify work with Mercury language compiler

Native Mercury installer for Windows can be found here:

2. Installation                                         *mercury-install*

The plugins com as a vimball; to install it, simply >
       vim Mercury.vba
       :so %
Your .vimrc needs to have: >
   	set nocp
	filetype plugin on

3. Filetype plugin                                      *mercury-ftplugin*

It is a modified version of |ftplugin| from officical Mercury distribution
It allows using |:make| to invoke mmake and sets some formatting options.
If you like keeping *.err files open in Vim, the plugin also removes "file
changed" prompt for them.

4. Mercury commands plugin              *mercury-commands* *mercury_commands*

mercury_commands |plugin| provides additional functionality via Vim commands:
:Mmc [arg1]...      Invoke compiler (mmc), using current file when no
                    arguments passed.
:Mmake [arg1]...    Invoke mmake (mmake.bat on Windows).
:Mmerr              Show last output from :Mmc or :Mmake.
:Mmod name [interface_imports]
:Mmod name {interfaceimports} [implementation_imports]
                    Insert module template, interface_imports and
                    implementation_imports are comma-separated lists
                    of modules. E.g., >
        :Mmod mymodule char,list io,store
:Mmain name [interface_imports]
:Mmain name {interfaceimports} [implementation_imports]
                    Insert module template containing the `main' predicate

5. Syntax highlighting                                      *mercury-syntax*

That is |syntax-highlighting| plugin from official Mercury distribution.

6. Customisation                                      *mercury-customisation*

If you have several compilers installed, you can set g:mercury_home or 
b:mercury_home variable to point to specific installation directory