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 3. Threads				|mzscheme-threads|
 4. Vim access from MzScheme		|mzscheme-vim|
 5. mzeval() Vim function		|mzscheme-mzeval|
-6. Dynamic loading			|mzscheme-dynamic|
+6. Using Function references		|mzscheme-funcref|
+7. Dynamic loading			|mzscheme-dynamic|
 {Vi does not have any of these commands}
 Based on the work of Brent Fulgham.
 Dynamic loading added by Sergey Khorev
-For downloading MzScheme and other info:
-	http://www.plt-scheme.org/software/mzscheme/
-Note: On FreeBSD you should use the "drscheme" port.
+MzScheme and PLT Scheme names have been rebranded as Racket. For more
+information please check http://racket-lang.org
 1. Commands						*mzscheme-commands*
 evaluate MzScheme expressions and pass their values to VimL.
-6. Dynamic loading				    *mzscheme-dynamic* *E815*
+6. Using Function references				    *mzscheme-funcref*
+MzScheme interface allows use of |Funcref|s so you can call Vim functions
+directly from Scheme. For instance: >
+    function! MyAdd2(arg)
+	return a:arg + 2
+    endfunction
+    mz (define f2 (vim-eval "function(\"MyAdd2\")"))
+    mz (f2 7)
+7. Dynamic loading				    *mzscheme-dynamic* *E815*
 On MS-Windows the MzScheme libraries can be loaded dynamically. The |:version|
 output then includes |+mzscheme/dyn|.