Classe(s) for improving IO in Java. Currently there is only 1 class in this library.


java.io.RandomAccessFile has a readLine() method with terrible performance. It reads files byte per byte and that is very slow.

OptimizedRandomAccessFile wraps java.io.RandomAccessFile and exposes all methods while having a readLine() method that performs similar to java.io.BufferedReader and hence about 100 times faster than that of java.io.RandomAccessFile while preserving correct random access.

Installation / Usage

IO is available via Maven. The group id is org.bitbucket.kienerj and artifact id is io.

You may also get it from the downloads section. You will also find the digital signatures for the artifcats and the the public key for verification. To do this you will need a GPG distribution like gpg4win.

See Importing a public certificate and Checking a signature for further information. Note that this verification is purley optional.