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Molecule Database Framework is a framework for rapidly creating applications that need to store and search for chemical structures in a relational database. It is based on Spring-Data Framework and uses the Indigo Toolkit and Bingo PostgreSQL Cartridge for enabling chemistry features.

Molecule Database Framework is integrated with Spring Security. It offers method level security at the service layer. The security feature is optional and can be enabled purely in configuration.


Molecule Database Framework uses Spring in it's core and hence can very easily be used with tomcat to create web applications.

Creating a basic chemical structure search enabled back-end is very quick, in minutes with a simple data model. You will spend by far the biggest amount of time developing the User Interface, be it web or client-based. For enabling chemistry you only need to extend the provided abstract classes (entity, repository, service) to which you add your custom data fields and search methods and then storing, searching and chemical structure search will be automatically be enabled.

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