Kille72's Tomato-ARM

Forked off from Tomato-ARM by Shibby, builds compiled by @kille72



This is my personal fork, If anyone wants to pick up my changes and merge them to your repository, feel free and go ahead. That's the reason Tomato is an open-source project.

Source code/Changelog:


About me/Donate:

For the following ARM routers: Asus N18U, AC56S, AC56U, AC68U(A1,A2,B1)/R/P, AC3200, Netgear R6250, R6300v2, R6400, R7000, R8000, Linksys EA6300v1/EA6400, EA6500v2, EA6700, EA6900, Tenda AC15, Huawei WS880.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any bricked routers, nor do I encourage other people to flash alternative firmwares on their routers. Use at your own risk!