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 .Nm openxcom
-.Nd Open source clone of the "X-COM:Enemy Unknown" critically acclaimed strategy video game. Requires the original game assets to run.
-.Op Fl efhx
-.Op Fl b Ar blitter
-.Op Fl c Ar config_file
-.Op Fl d Ar [level | cat=lvl[,...]]
-.Op Fl D Ar [host][:port]
-.Op Fl g Ar [savegame]
-.Op Fl G Ar seed
-.Op Fl I Ar graphicsset
-.Op Fl l Ar host[:port]
-.Op Fl m Ar driver
-.Op Fl M Ar musicset
-.Op Fl n Ar host[:port][#player]
-.Op Fl p Ar password
-.Op Fl P Ar password
-.Op Fl q Ar savegame
-.Op Fl r Ar widthxheight
-.Op Fl s Ar driver
-.Op Fl S Ar soundset
-.Op Fl t Ar year
-.Op Fl v Ar driver
+- Open source clone of the "X-COM:Enemy Unknown" critically acclaimed strategy video game engine. Requires the original game assets to run.
+OpenXcom requires the original X-Com resources (any version). Time to dust-off your floppy disks. Or, look for the game on the Steam digital distribution platform. 
+When installing manually, copy the X-Com subfolders (GEODATA,GEOGRAPH, MAPS, ROUTES, SOUND, TERRAIN, UFOGRAPH, UFOINTRO,UNITS) to ~/openxcom/data folder.
+OpenXcom creates a User folder with all the user screenshots, savegames and options in ~/openxcom. You can also specify your own path by passing the command-line argument "-user <user path>" when running OpenXcom.
-.Bl -tag -width ".Fl n Ar host[:port][#player]"
-.It Fl b Ar blitter
-Set the blitter, see
-.Fl h
-for a full list
-.It Fl c Ar config_file
-Use 'config_file' instead of 'openttd.cfg'
-.It Fl d Ar [level]
-Set debug verbosity for all categories to
-.Ar level
-or 1 if omitted
-.It Fl d Ar cat=level[,...]
-Set debug verbosity for a specific category
-.It Fl D Ar [host][:port]
-Start a dedicated server. Sets network debug level to 6. If you want to change this, use
-.Fl d
-.Fl D
-.It Fl G Ar seed
-Seed the pseudo random number generator
-.It Fl e
-Start in world editor mode
-.It Fl f
-Fork into background (dedicated server only, see
-.Fl D )
-.It Fl g Ar [savegame]
-.Ar savegame
-at start or start a new game if omitted. The
-.Ar savegame
-must be either absolute or relative to the current path or one of the search paths.
-.It Fl h
-Display a summary of all options and lists all the available AIs, blitters, sound, music and video drivers, graphics sets and sound sets.
-.It Fl I Ar graphicsset
-Set the graphics set, see
-.Fl h
-for a full list
-.It Fl l Ar host[:port]
-Redirect DEBUG(), See
-.Fl D
-.It Fl m Ar driver
-Set the music driver, see
-.Fl h
-for a full list
-.It Fl M Ar musicset
-Set the music set, see
-.Fl h
-for a full list
-.It Fl n Ar host[:port][#player]
-Join a network game, optionally specify a port to connect to and player to play as
-.It Fl p Ar password
-Password used to join server. Only useful with
-.Fl n
-.It Fl P Ar password
-Password used to join company. Only useful with
-.Fl n
-.It Fl q Ar savegame
-Write some information about the savegame and exit
-.It Fl r Ar widthxheight
-Set the resolution
-.It Fl s Ar driver
-Set the sound driver, see
-.Fl h
-for a full list
-.It Fl S Ar soundset
-Set the sound set, see
-.Fl h
-for a full list
-.It Fl t Ar year
-Set the starting year
-.It Fl v Ar driver
-Set the video driver, see
-.Fl h
-for a full list
-.It Fl x
-Do not automatically save to config file on exit
+OpenXcom stores various game settings in the options.cfg YAML file stored in the User folder, which can be easily edited with any text editor. You can also pass command line arguments in the form "-<option name> <option value>". WARNING: Editing the options manually with invalid values can cause incorrect behaviour or game crashes.
+F5 - Turns on/off FPS counter in top-left corner. F12 - Saves BMP screenshot to User folder. ALT-ENTER - Turns on/off fullscreen mode.
+If you don't like or have trouble getting the original X-Com music to work, you can use your own by putting it in the SOUND subfolder of the Data folder with the same filename as the original (GMGEO1, GMGEO2, GMSTORY, etc). The formats supported are MIDI, MP3, OGG and MOD. You might need to delete the original music (including GM.CAT) for it to work.
-Transport Tycoon Deluxe was written by Chris Sawyer and published by Microprose.
-is a free reimplementation.
+X-Com: Enemy Unknown is a game developed by Julian Gollop and published by Microprose in 1994. It is the first game in a series of video games and is often named as one of the best video games ever made. OpenXcom project started in 2009 with the aim of providing an up-to-date game engine capable of running on multiple platforms.