MIGRATE – MIGRation pATterns in Europe

MIGRATE – MIGRation pATterns in Europe is a Web mapping application aimed at educating and raising awareness about the phenomenon of migration in Europe. This goal is achieved using a gamification approach, i.e. users interact with the application by playing a map-based game, where questions are asked, and answers are provided and explained, about a number of topics related to migration. According to their answers, users are awarded with points and badges, and are ranked into a publicly available ranking which allows to keep them motivated in further using the application. Users’ answers will help to understand the current knowledge and perception of migration-related issues.

A demo of the game can be found here:


For replicating the game on your own server you will need:

  1. Python 2.7
  2. Django 1.9
  3. PostgreSQL 9.3

Clone this repository:

git clone

Install psycopg2, using linux:

sudo apt-get install python-psycopg2

Using pip:

pip install psycopg2

Change the file migrate/ to your server's details

and from the root directory of the application run:

python migrate

This will create the necessary tables for the game, then to populate them:

python loaddata fixtures/questionnaire6.json
python loaddata fixtures/country.json

To start your server in test mode:

python runserver

You should then be able to access and use the application: http://localhost:8000/

To create a superuser run:

python createsuperuser

With this you'll be able to login to:


From this panel you can consult and modify all the records of the application and give/remove permissions.

To set up a production server follow the instructions in:


This application was developed under the MYGEOSS Third Call For Innovative Apps in the environmental and social domains project. The team can be found in the home page of the application (


The data used to create the questions for the trivia game was collected from open sources listed in the section data of the application. The tools used during the development were also Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) complying to the directions of the GEOSS Data-CORE. If you wish to modify the project or clone the app, you need to provide proper credits to this repository and keep the modified project open as well. This code is under the EU Public License (EUPL). This will allow further development of the applications in the future, even for commercial purposes, as long as the original source code remains open.