What is this project?

My (kimmov) intention is to create a simple but usable GUI for the Cppcheck.
I'm using IronPython and .Net libraries to make the development as easy and
fast as possible. This is mostly due to limitation of time I have available
but also the need I have for decent GUI for Cppcheck. If this (idea) turns
out to be working, then in future it might be ported to some more portable
implementation and framework. Probably Python and Qt. But as first steps at
least I will use the fastest possible way to get something working.

Why is not Qt GUI in Cppcheck project good?

I am the main contributor for the Qt-based GUI in the Cppcheck project. And I
like it. Its development just does not work anymore. It is not secret I don't
agree with how things work in that project currently. Open source projects
tend to be somewhat chaos, and I'm used to it (contributing to many projects).
But Cppcheck is currently too much chaos. At least for developing GUI in any
efficient way. So I want to develop this GUI separately at my own pace and
without extra obstacles.

Interfacing with Cppcheck

I will interface with Cppcheck using the CLI interface. Hoping they don't break
it like the plans seems to be. The results are output from the CLI binary
as XML which the GUI will read and parse.

While this is not the most efficient way, it is really the best way. One
important reason for me is the license. Using CLI interface I can choose the
license I like, not what Cppcheck project maintainer likes. CLI interface and
XML output should also be stable base to build on.

Compiling / running

- IronPython 2.7 or later (

For development:
-  SharpDevelop 4.2 (

This is Windows-only!

Yes, it is for now. I want to prototype my ideas fast at the begin and being
cross-platform etc is not my goal now. Maybe later when things get more stable
there can be other toolkits etc used. But not yet. Not until the basics ideas
are at least tested.