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Cppcheck GUI

NOTE: This is totally different project than the GUI distributed with Cppheck!

This project aims to create a new modern and easier to use GUI for the Cppcheck. The aim is also to explore and implement new ideas fast.

Important GUI elements

The GUI distributed with Cppcheck is "just" GUI thought from very traditional "show errors in table" -point of view. It misses what is the most important for the users. User want to work with the errors, not just see static list of them.

Important things to do with errors are:

  • filtering - one must be able to see just the errors one wants to work with at the moment, errors from the area of code one cares about etc. It is much easier to work with ten errors than thousands of errors
  • opening files to editor - simple errors must be simple and fast to fix
  • re-checking files - checking whole large project may take hours, one must be able to re-check only modified files or only certain subset of the files
  • statistics - it is always important to see the "whole picture" of the project too. Statistics can also tell which part of the code has most/least problems, which kind of problems are most common etc.
  • useful projects - one must be able to save and restore checking settings etc