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I have downloaded the latest source files from github. Than I built the project with GUI and built-in GUI tests, and then launched the TestTranslationHandler test, which fails with message:

* Start testing of TestTranslationHandler * Config: Using QTest library 4.7.4, Qt 4.7.4 PASS : TestTranslationHandler::initTestCase() FAIL! : TestTranslationHandler::construct() Compared values are not the same Actual (handler.GetNames().size()): 13 Expected (11): 11 Loc: [testtranslationhandler.cpp(27)] PASS : TestTranslationHandler::cleanupTestCase() Totals: 2 passed, 1 failed, 0 skipped * Finished testing of TestTranslationHandler *

That is because in file translationhandler.cpp described 13 available languages, but in source file with TestTranslationHandler test there is still check for 11 languages.

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