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Welcome to SCEW (Simple C Expat Wrapper)

  The aim of  SCEW is to provide an easy interface  around the XML Expat
parser. It  provides functions to  load and access XML  elements without
the need to create the Expat  event handling routines each time you want
to  load a  different  XML document.  It  also lets  you  access to  the
internal  Expat  parser,   that  means  you  can  still   have  all  the
functionality that Expat library gives you.

  Since version 0.2.0, SCEW  incorporates functions to create and handle
XML trees.  That is,  add and delete  nodes, change attribute  names and

Project homepage:

SCEW is free software [0]. Please see the file COPYING for details.

For installation instructions please see the INSTALL files.


[0] To learn more about GNU, the FSF and its goals, please visit

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