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WinMerge Mercurial Repository

This repository is a mirror of SVN SVN repository. I will be synchronizing this now and then. It may takes few days for new commits to show up in this repository.

Conversion / Updating method

There are few ways to convert from SVN to Mercurial. I chose to use the Mercurial's convert extension.

First I downloaded a backup copy of SVN repository to do conversion locally (A LOT faster!).

Then I created authormap file listing our committer's Sourceforge usernames and e-mail addresses.

And run the command:

hg convert --authors=authormap.txt --datesort ..\winmerge winmerge-v2

I used the datesort since it seems to create much better looking history than default sorting. Downside is that repository is bigger (104 MB vs 78 MB).