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WinMergeQtTest / Compiling

Compiling QScintilla and WinMergeQt

Unfortunately compiling QScintilla and WinMergeQt currently needs a bit of work and patience. As this is just testing project there are no sophisticated build scripts or project files for compiling everything with one command.

These are instructions for compiling QScintilla and WinMergeQt in Windows with Visual Studio.


  • Visual Studio 2005 or later
  • QScintilla sources downloaded from here
  • Qt 4.6 or later installed (might work with earlier Qt versions but I haven't tried them)
  • WinMergeQt sources cloned

Compiling QScintilla

  • Unzip the QScintilla sources to some folder
  • open command prompt and CD to folder where you unzipped the QScintilla sources
  • CD to Qt4 subfolder
  • run command qmake -config release to create makefiles
  • run command nmake to build release version of QScintilla

After a while QScintilla is build to release subfolder.

Compiling WinMergeQt

WinMergeQt uses qmake to generate project/makefiles. Qmake project file is Src/src.pro. To compile WinMergeQt in Windows you need to edit this file and fix the paths to

  • QScintilla include folder (win32:INCLUDEPATH)
  • QScintilla lib file (win32:LIBS)

After you have fixed the paths, open the command prompt, CD to WinMergeQt/Src folder and give command: qmake to create nmake makefile or qmake -tp vc to create Visual Studio project.

Compile using nmake in command prompt or open Visual Studio project and build it.