2012-09-06 - 08pe
* missing session in the error controller - looping and crashing

2012-09-05 - 08pd
* Unchecked topic checklists wasn't displaying properly


* Added external config plugin to allow for config file changes without restarting
* Footer changes - CSS and support email and version
* Error handling changes - email stack trace - hardcoded address - needs to be configurable
* Download all evidences fix - 'executor' needed to go and new thumbnail location process

* Changing friend block layout style
* Improved thumbnail handling/generation when displaying user profile pics on friend page

* Pushed last login date in to main dev branch - displayed on friend page

Getting Started
You should be able to grab the JAR file, drop it in to Tomcat webapp,
and place two config files at


If running Tomcat, the $HOME would be the user who is running Tomcat.
If 'joe' is running Tomcat, /home/joe/.lf/ would be used.

Sample files are in the docs folder.

There are 4 JSON files in the /data folder which are used to import new checklists.

* This is only to support development versions
"dot" for graphviz
should be installed at /usr/bin/dot

* virus checking on uploads is experimental and under development
Expects to be installed at "/usr/bin/clamscan"
(This may be switched to virusade for increased protection)