emacsd / init-eldoc.el

Full commit
;;; init-eldoc.el

(setq eldoc-idle-delay 0)

(dolist (hook (list
               ;;               'org-mode-hook
  (add-hook hook 'turn-on-eldoc-mode))
;;(setq eldoc-argument-case 'upcase)

(defadvice eldoc-highlight-function-argument
  (around my-formatting (sym args index) compile activate preactivate)
  "Replace original to apply my style of formatting."
  ;; HACK: intercept the call to eldoc-docstring-format-sym-doc at the
  ;; end of the adviced function. This is obviously brittle, but the
  ;; alternative approach of copy/pasting the original also has
  ;; downsides...
  (flet ((eldoc-docstring-format-sym-doc
          (sym doc face)
          (let* ((function-name (propertize (symbol-name sym)
                                            'face face))
                 (spec (format "%s %s" function-name doc))
                 (docstring (or (eldoc-docstring-first-line
                                 (documentation sym t))
                 (docstring (propertize docstring
                                        'face 'font-lock-doc-face))
                 ;; TODO: currently it strips from the start of spec by
                 ;; character instead of whole arguments at a time.
                 (fulldoc (format "%s: %s" spec docstring))
                 (ea-width (1- (window-width (minibuffer-window)))))
            (cond ((or (<= (length fulldoc) ea-width)
                       (eq eldoc-echo-area-use-multiline-p t)
                       (and eldoc-echo-area-use-multiline-p
                            (> (length docstring) ea-width)))
                  ((> (length docstring) ea-width)
                   (substring docstring 0 ea-width))
                  ((>= (- (length fulldoc) (length spec)) ea-width)
                   ;; Show the end of the partial symbol name, rather
                   ;; than the beginning, since the former is more likely
                   ;; to be unique given package namespace conventions.
                   (setq spec (substring spec (- (length fulldoc) ea-width)))
                   (format "%s: %s" spec docstring))))))

;;; init-eldoc.el ends here