emacsd / init-org-misc.el

;;; init-org-misc.el
;; Copyright (C) Yagnesh Raghava Yakkala.
;;    File: init-org-misc.el
;; Created: Tuesday, May 17 2011
;; License: GPL v3 or later. You should get a copy from <>

;;; Description:

;;; org-scratch
(defun dan/switch-to-org-scratch ()
  "Switch to a temp Org buffer.
If the region is active, insert it."
  (let ((contents
         (and (region-active-p)
              (buffer-substring (region-beginning)
    (find-file "/tmp/")
    (if contents (insert contents))))

;;; just like pretty lambda (Jambunathan from org-mode list)
    (0 (progn (compose-region (match-beginning 1) (match-end 1) "✔") nil)))

;;; org2jekyll
(setq org2jekyll-basedir "~/blog")

;;; init-org-misc.el ends here
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