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Poems in the Arthuriad

by Jonathan Lovelace

This is a series of poems I began back in high school or middle school after discovering Charles Williams' Taliessin Through Logres and Region of the Summer Stars, and is an attempted homage to that great poet. (I have revised most of the poems significantly since then.) These poems are completely unordered, as Williams' seem to be (but most likely aren't).

The series takes place during the reign of Arthur of Camelot. Most of the poems take the form of one half of a dialogue between two characters, or the internal monologue of one character. One of the characters concerned in most poems is either Taliesin (court bard to Arthur, according to Malory, but also the subject of his own tales in Welsh myth) or Merlin; the conceit that I've applied is that both of these characters are the same character from my own prose tales, present via inter-universal (and time) travel.

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These, more of my poetry, and the rest of my work are all also archived on my blog.