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"Dreams carry me away"

by Jonathan Lovelace

Dreams carry me away (too late) each night,
Then hold me in my bed each shining morn.
There was a time, I think, I did not dream---
Or if I did, dreams faded ere I woke.
Oh, how I longed for visions and for dreams---
And then my prayer was granted, and I dreamed,
And when I could recall them, wrote them down,
In hope or fear of some significance.
But now such nightly dreams are commonplace,
And---even nightmares---hold me in my couch
Far longer than I ought there to remain.
God give me strength! to rise and stand each day,
And, rather than remain abed and blink
To seek a too-real, quickly fading dream,
Instead, to set myself upon the work
I see before me---more and more each day.


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