Path.set_unreadable_for_all instead of Path.set_readable_for_all(false) (and r/w/x, all/owner)

Issue #460 wontfix
Taku Miyakawa
created an issue

Add these functions.

  • Path.set_unreadable_for_all
  • Path.set_unreadable_for_owner
  • Path.set_unwritable_for_all
  • Path.set_unwritable_for_owner
  • Path.set_unexecutable_for_all
  • Path.set_unexecutable_for_owner

Since it is not good to pass "false" to set_xxxable_for_xxx. In those cases, the meaning of "false" is not clear for readers who does not know the spec of the functions. For example, readers might think "false" means "not recursively."

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  1. Taku Miyakawa reporter

    These functions are cumbersome and not so usable because of lacking features such as permissions for the same group, setuid, setgid, and the sticky bit.

    Unix users might find the functions unusable because of the lack. Windows users might find them unusable too, because access permissions on Windows are controlled by ACLs.

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