Mac OSX Installation instructions

1.  Install XCode and the XCode Command Line tools
2.  Agree to the XCode License
3.  Install MacPorts for your version of OSX
4.  Download a Portfile which supports +jp2 in ImageMagick:
5.  Move port file to an install directory (~/ImageMagick)
6.  cd ~/ImageMagick
7.  Install ImageMagick with jp2 support: sudo port install +jpeg2
8.  Install Perl5 Magick: sudo port install p5-perlmagick
9.  Install Exiftool: 
    Note: you may need to change your security preferences to allow installation of software from anywhere.
10. Install Mercurial: sudo port install mercurial
11. Install perl libraries:
    sudo cpan install Image::Magick
    sudo cpan install Image::ExifTool	
    sudo cpan install File::Slurp
12. Install kakadu
13. Pull latest code from repository: hg clone

Usage information
./ {input directory} {output directory}
./ input output

Note: input must contain directories named with the HathiTrust OBJID. Output does not need to exist.
For Linux, replace mac ports with your package manager (apt-get or yum).

Windows Installation Instructions

1. Install Perl x64:
2. Install ImageMagick:
    a. On select additional tasks, check Install PerlMagick for ActiveState Perl v5.16.3
    b. /bin/PerlMagick/ppm install Image-Magick.ppd
3. Install Mercurial:
4. Install Kakadu:
5. Install Perl libraries:
    cpan install Image::Magick
    cpan install Image::ExifTool	
    cpan install File::Slurp
6. Pull latest code from repository: hg clone