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                    Release Notes for TortoiseHg

This file contains last minute notes to users about the releases, which may not
be included in the documentation or README files included with the distribution
kits.  It also contains change information, for users who are interested in
what bugs have been fixed, and what features have been added in the current

New features in 0.4
  * Added user config 'tortoisehg.overlayicons' [True|False|localdisks],
    to enable/disable overlay icons in selected repos. The 'localdisks' 
    global option disables overlay icons for repos reside on network drives.

  * Changeset viewer shows 'MAR' file status and uses background threads
    to load changeset diffs. File list has been moved to the left hand

  * Added 'strip' and 'backout' functions to history browser.

  * Two convenience functions added to Synchronize dialog: 'View Pulled
    Changes', and 'Update to Tip'. 
  * Added support for Fetch extension to Synchronize dialog [ 1914855 ].

  * Grep searches in Datamine dialog can now be interrupted.

  * Recall recently committed messages in native Commit dialog

  * Recall recently accessed source and destination paths in Synchronize
    and Clone dialogs

  * Add column for user names on annotate pages of Datamine dialog.

  * Hgk ('Revision Graph') is officially replaced by TortoiseHg's 
    history browser.

  * Installer now requires admin priviledges in order to prevent an
    upgrade from requiring two reboots. 

  * New TortoiseHg logo in About dialog, contributed by Peer Sommerlund.

  * Updated Hg icon (on context menu and dialogs) to new droplet design 
    from Mercurial 1.0

  * Several minor bugfixes and improvements.

Bug fixes in 0.4:

  * TortoiseHg program groups now read 'hgproc' with hg.ico.
    In earlier versions, it used 'Python' with python.ico
  * Fixed random crashes on web server.
  * Fixed addremove behavior in Commit dialog
  * [ 1884919 ] Change Log hscroller
  * [ 1925985 ] HTTP port field not effective
  * [ 1914859 ] Global options should show up more often
  * [ 1914550 ] Changelog: Problems with german umlaut characters
  * [ 1902446 ] Commit claims file not under root while kdiff is open.
  * [ 1895443 ] Overlay: ThreadingModel registry setting
  * [ 1892791 ] Windows Explorer painfully slow for network drives

Changes and bug fixes since 0.4RC2:

  * Fixed traceback in tracelog, which was broken in 0.4RC2.
  * Right-click to diff/visual-diff to selected changeset, which replaced
    the earlier diff-to-marked function.
  * Create .hgignore file automatically when initializing new repo.
  * Fix traceback when users try to enable internal commit dialog with
    an empty 'commit' in mercurial.ini's 'tortoisehg' section.
  * Handle empty cmd.differ entries in hgrc like hg does
  * Register context menu and overlay icon extension onto the Explorer's 
    Approved list.
  * Fixed UTF-8 encoding errors in hgcmd and several error message dialogs.
  * New transparent TortoiseHg logo in About dialog, again by Peer Sommerlund.
  * New 32x32 icons for dialogs to provide nicer icons when navigating 
    through the applications with Alt-Tab on Windows.
  * Minor improvement/fixes on hgtk to simplify installation on *nix systems.
Changes and bug fixes since 0.4RC1:

  * Added buttons to stop command execution in Synchronize, Recovery,
    as well as any dialogs that use hgcmd dialog, including Update and 
    Clone dialogs.
  * Show progress on status bar when updating changeset viewer.
  * Support Mercurial's HGENCODING environment variable.
  * [ Feature 1944469 ] Save and recall pull-update option in Synchronize
    dialog across sessions.
  * [ Bug 1939794 ] Unable to Merge changes with builtin commit UI.
  * [ Bug 1941545 ] Clone log window doesn't scroll.
  * [ Bug 1943382 ] hgproc.bat not executable without "installer"
  * [ Bug 1941368 ] Configure Repository "Test" button results broken.
  * [ Bug 1939911 ] Modal Dialogs aren't staying on top on application switch
  * [ Bug 1941376 ] hgtk with no parameters gives no help.
  * [ Bug 1937966 ] Changelog: utf8 messages handled incorrectly
  * [ Bug 1942777 ] National characters are not handled correctly.

Fixes in Mercurial since 0.3:

  * qimport fixed on Windows
  * new built-in filemerge system replaces hgmerge patches
  * many fixes for keyword extension
  * new -U (context lines) argument for diff and qdiff commands

New features in 0.3

  * Major improvements to changelog browser.  It is now good enough to
    deprecate both hgk and hgview.  Neither are bundled with the 0.3
    binary installer, but both can be added by the user if they wish.
    Support for external revision log viewers will be dropped in 0.4.

  * The new changelog browser supports filtering by file pattern,
    keywords, dates, and branches.  It is capable of graphing both the
    repository changelog and individual filelogs.  Changeset coloring by
    author is optional (tortoisehg.authorcolor).  All changeset graphing
    is done incrementally in batches (tortoisehg.graphlimit: 500)

  * New DataMine application for searching history (hg grep) and
    inspecting file histories (hg annotate).  This new application is
    tabbed to facilitate debugging sessions where search results and
    annotations can be grouped together for easy cross-reference.

  * New changeset browser, supports multiple parents intrinsically and
    supports a number of file-revision features (view at revision, save
    at revision, annotate at revision, revert to revision, etc).  The
    new changeset browser is also integrated into the changelog browser.

  * Standardized window layouts.  Close buttons have been moved to the
    toolbar.  Dialogs that use progress bars now use a standard status
    bar/progress bar widget.  Tooltips have been added.

  * Hgtk wrapper application for launching TortoiseHg dialogs from the
    command line

  * Support for an external visual editor: tortoisehg.editor.  Takes
    precedence over ui.editor when viewing files with TortoiseHg

  * Performance improvements in Mercurial itself (cset 0973501e5f4a)

  * New installer bitmap from Peer Sommerlund

  * Misc: The Synchronize dialog has been improved.  The Web Serve
    dialog no longer requires a subprocess to run the web server.  The
    configuration dialog has a number of bug fixes for the paths tab,
    and now has separators in the drop-down boxes for the varying value
    types (current, suggested, history). Http authentication has been
    fixed.  The hg integration library has seen major cleanups.

Bug Fixes in 0.3:

  * [ 1863086 ] "Revision Graph" fail on UNC path
    Fixed by removing hgk from base install.  Integrated log viewer
    is UNC path safe.
  * [ 1851395 ] Total Commander problem
  * [ 1882074 ] global name 'p' is not defined
  * [ 1854443 ] View changelog fails

New features in 0.2

  * Gtools has been integrated into TortoiseHg proper. It is no longer
    bundled as a Mercurial extension. The graphlog extension is now enabled
    again by default (only usable from the CLI, however).
  * Context menu icons, application window icons. The context menu has been
  * The changelog browser has a number of new features (filters and context
    menu options). The tag browser and changelog tagging features have been
    merged into this tool.
  * Hgview is now the default history viewer, hgk is being deprecated.
  * An email dialog for interfacing with the patchbomb extension. It can be
    reached from the synchronize dialog and from the changelog browser.
  * A new configuration tool (replacing hg-config dialogs) that allows you
    to configure TortoiseHg and Mercurial.
  * Most dialogs now use HgThread and GtkUI to run hg commands. These 
    classes run the command in a background thread and provide GUI prompts
    for when user interaction is necessary (http web auth, etc). For some 
    commands, it also provides a progress bar.
  * A preview of the new Mercurial merge back end. The python hgmerge.py 
    script is being integrated into Mercurial, and this installer has a
    preview of how that will work. You need to unset any ui.merge in your
    Mercurial.ini file in order for it to work properly. If you don't 
    configure anything it will use simplemerge to automatically perform 
    merges. If conflicts are found it falls back to kdiff3 to resolve 
    them interactively.
  * Slight improvement on speed of overlay icons display.
  * A new 'about' dialog.

Bugs fixed in 0.2

  * [SF Bug #1851395] Overlay icons and context menus are no longer 
    restricted to MS-Explorer. So other file managers, such as Total 
    Commander, should be supported.
  * [SF Bug #1844722] Users can now create repositories inside repository
     via the context menu.

Changes since 0.2rc1

  - N/A -