[ eink.vim ]

This is a vim color theme designed to emulate reading on an eink device.
It supports both a light background (which is the normal eink-style
reading mode) and a dark background for late night hacking. It uses
256-color mode, and supports both the terminal and the gui.

In general, there is no syntax highlighting. Notably, however, comments
are slightly dimmed just enough to be distinguishable and string literals
are underlined.

[ installation ]
To install, copy colors/eink.vim to ~/.vim/colors/ (or wherever you're
keeping color themes).

[ vundle installation ]
If you already have vundle, simply add the below line to your .vimrc:
"Bundle 'git@bitbucket.org:kisom/eink.vim.git'"

[ license ]
eink.vim is released under the ISC license.

[ family tree ]
eink.vim was originally based on kyle.vim, my custom colors.
kyle.vim in turn was largely taken from jcs' jcs.vim[1]. color
codes were inspired by a number of themes, namely wombat256.vim.

[ authors ]
The theme was originally based on the one by jcs[2]. It was
tweaked to fit kyle's[3] views on syntax highlighting[4], with
help from aaron bieber[5].

[ references ]
[1] https://raw.github.com/jcs/dotfiles/master/.vim/colors/jcs.vim
[2] http://www.jcs.org/
[3] http://kyleisom.net/
[4] http://kyleisom.net/blog/2012/10/17/syntax-off/
[5] http://deftly.net/