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srm - securely wipe files
srm is a utility to overwrite files with random data in one or more passes.


srm has been tested on the following operating systems:
    * OpenBSD (5.1-snap)
    * OS X (10.8)
    * Linux (Debian 6.0)

make build install

srm [-v] [-n number] file list

        -n <number of passes>: specify number of passes
                (default is 3 passes)
        -v: verbose mode. display list of failures and wiped files after wiping

Known bugs / caveats
srm can't recursively remove files, i.e. it can't remove directories.

Recent activity

Kyle Isom

Kyle Isom pushed 3 commits to kisom/srm

c6e6b3d - Statically build, and remove _XOPEN_SOURCE define.
4647609 - dirent stuff isn't SuS, so remove that from standards.
ffd5f53 - Minor cleanups.
Kyle Isom

Commits by Kyle Isom were pushed to kisom/srm

5c5c7b1 - code formatting; fix; bump patch number Linux version of was double-defining _XOPEN_SOURCE; the Makefile template specifies SuSv3 compatibility now. The previous Linux-only _XOPEN_SOURCE ...
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