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ExperimentTool / A1a Setup using Eclipse and Windows

Preparing your workspace

Follow these steps to get started with Brownie:

There are two possible ways to import the Brownie project. One by using the Eclipse plug-in EGit, another by using SourceTree:

##Import using Eclipse plug-in Egit ##

  1. Start eclipse. If you have EGit already installed in eclipse, proceed to step 2. Otherwise open the Eclipse Marketplace in eclipse (Help -> Eclipse Marketplace), search for EGit using the search field and scroll down to EGit - Git team Provider. Click install and follow the installation instructions.

  2. Navigate to File -> Import.

  3. As import source select Git -> Projects from Git and click Next.

  4. Select Clone URI as the repository source and click Next.

  5. Under Overview (1) in Bitbucket copy the URI (2) Repository.jpg

  6. Paste the URI into the designated field in eclipse. Host, Repository path and User will be filled in automatically. Enter your Bitbucket password and click Next. 7.PNG

  7. In Branch selection click Next. (There is only one branch.)

  8. Choose a destination folder on your hard drive, check the box “Clone submodules” and then click Next. opt.8.PNG

  9. Choose "Import existing eclipse projects" and click Next.

  10. Wait for the project to be imported.

*If you need information on how to use EGit, take a look at the User Guide ( *

Import using SourceTree

  • Download sourcetree (
  • Navigate to the fork created for your experiment, and obtain the repository URL. Repository.jpg
  • Download source code from Bit bucket using source tree Cloning on Source Tree.jpg

  • On eclipse, Select File -> Import -> Existing Projects into workspace, and browse to the source code folder.

  • Select all and import (Exp_Implementation, ExpServer, ExpClient, ExpSensorRec, ExpJPA, ExpCommon) in Eclipse
  • And that's it, you can now test run your first experiment!

For developers:

In order to keep a consistent code style throughout the entire code, please import the code style formatter provided in the repository ("eclipe_java_codestyle_formatter.xml").

To Import the formatter start eclipse and go to: Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Code Style -> Formatter -> Import

Tutorial on Youtube: Brownie Tutorial Part 1: Setup using Eclipse and Windows

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