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ExperimentTool / A3 Steps to manage an experiment from the UI

Steps to run an experiment

  • Step 1: Go to the project "Exp_Implementation" and run the class “run“.

  • Step 2: Start the server application by tipping “s” into command line.

  • Step 3: View list of experiments & create a new experiment.


  • Step 4: Open a specific experiment to view details (Session, Treatment Block, Treatment information) .


  • Step 5: View and configure session information, such as adding session by editing the number of cohorts and subjects per cohorts.

  • Step 6: Add treatment block through right-click on Session. Manage Treatments using the Treatment Manager: Add new treatment to treatment block after selecting the appropriate institution and factory keys on the dropdown list.

Dropdown Treatment1.PNG

  • Step 7: Add periods to the treatment through right-click on the TreatmentBlock.

Run an exp 7.PNG

  • Step 8: If you wish, you could add other elements such as Pause and Quiz to the session by right-clicking on Session. The Sequence Number states in which order the elements will show up.

  • Step 9: Check session configuration.

Run an exp 9.PNG

  • Step 10: Start the session and wait for clients to connect.


  • Step 11: Start the application in client mode by entering “c” into command line and connect clients.

  • Step 12: Once all clients are connected, the "Continue" button on the server UI is enabled, clicking on which the experiment begins.

Tutorial on Youtube: Brownie Tutorial Part 2: Manage an experiment from the UI