Ventrilo Script v2.1.0_02 written by Crypt Keeper
For ventrilo server v2.x

How to use these scripts:

1. Edit the ventrilo script and change VENPATH,
VENSRV, and VENUSER to match your setup (it is
currently setup for linux and the install path
and user account specified in the ventrilo_srv.htm)

2. Copy the ventrilo script to /root/bin
If you decide to put the ventrilo script somewhere
else there are two things to note: 1. Placing
the ventrilo script in the path makes life easier
and 2. You will need to change the VENSCRIPT
variable in S99ventrilo to the path where you
installed the ventrilo script if you use it to
start at ventrilo at boot/runlevel

3. Edit S99ventrilo to start or stop the servers
that you want and then copy it to the runlevel you
would like those actions to occur on (ie /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/
for startup at boot)

4. If you copied S99ventrilo to the rc3.d directory you 
can safely remove the ventrilo startup commands from your

5. As long as root bin is in you path you can now type
ventrilo -h to get the usage of ventrilo script

Have Fun
  Crypt Keeper