Anonymous committed 271d496

Fixed S3BotoStorage performance problem calling modified_time()

For running collectstatic on 10000 static files, it's the difference between <1s and minutes.

S3BotoStorage.modified_time was calling get() on entry and performing a remote call to populate the default (which only matters if get() fails to find the key)

I merely added a line to check if entry is None, then make the remote call.

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         except ImportError:
             raise NotImplementedError()
         name = self._normalize_name(self._clean_name(name))
-        entry = self.entries.get(name, self.bucket.get_key(self._encode_name(name)))
+        entry = self.entries.get(name)
+        # only call the function if the get fails
+        if entry is None:
+            entry = self.bucket.get_key(self._encode_name(name))
         # convert to string to date
         last_modified_date = parser.parse(entry.last_modified)
         # if the date has no timzone, assume UTC
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