############## Vim-Python-IDE ############## What is it? =========== Shorlty said: a collection of user-contributed scripts as well as personal stuff aggregated over time to easy Python coding in Vim. Why? ==== I tried several tools like any developer. I started with Vim, gave a try to several IDE like Eric, Spyder and so on and came back to Vim. Because it's light and editing is more efficient than with any of these tools. The main draw back is learning curve. I used to grab some pieces of configuration file on the web. Some proved to be very useful some not. Mainly because of my coding practices; they changed quite drastically over time. I am now more and more "TDD oriented" thanks to several discussions I had with Nicolas Chauvat ( And even if he's an Emacs addict :-( he showed me this `video <>`_. 4 min and you know what TDD is and discover what Vim can do for you. Impressive. I grabbed Gary's configuration files and started tuning it for my personal needs. An opportunity to provide him a patch for *pycomplexity*. So why not doing what he's doing and sharing my configuration files. Here they are! What's in it? ============= basically all what you need to develop in Python ;-) A lot of different goodies at this time; far too much to describe it in 2 words. That's why I'll start writing some cheat sheets quickly. For me first as a reminder and for all interested people because that's what a struggled the more with using other's configuration files. In the mean time, have a look at the wiki. I'll put there some information so that you enjoy those configuration files right after downloading them. Stay tuned!