More and more banks allow their customers to download posting records in various formats. By using the bankstatement class, you can create bank statements - as long as a csv format is available! The csv-mt940 and csv-camt formats - used by many german Sparkassen - are supported. Moreover, it supports csv-standard-bank-na!

Furthermore, the following languages are supported: english, german, namibian

You can quite easily add support for other languages or csv formats. Simply define the order of the keys in the csv data file and how to use them.

The terminology in this class like BIC (Business Identifier Codes) or IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is based on SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area). But you can adjust the terminology to suit your needs.

License: LPPL

Changes in v0.9.2:

  • use of siunitx to force two decimals, if csv data contains other formats like 16.2 -> 16.20

  • added support for Standard Bank (Namibia) and namibian

feature requests by Dr. Eberhard Lisse

  • organized package in dtx format