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Jan Truoel created an issue

Due to postprocessing intentions of my document I need to include comments in the PDF-filer that I generate. Using pdfsquarecomment, everythings works fine. I need to use pdfmarkupcomment though - and this is where I do have problems.

Creating simple minimal working examples, I can perfectly highlight anything I want. Even using more sophisticated testcases, the highlighting works fine. Once I use some external .tex-files (located in subdirectories) that I do include in my document, the pdfmarkupcomment-commands are ignored completely (pdfsquarecomments work all right). I do not get any errors, the PDF gets generated all right - but simply without the comments.

I am using texlive and the LaTeXpdf converter.

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  1. Josef Kleber repo owner

    Hi Jan,

    i can reproduce your problem. There seems to be a problem in the interaction of soulpos and \include! I will contact the author of soulpos.

    Do you need specific features of the include-mechanism, like \includeonly? As a simple workaround, the following works for me:

  2. Jan Truoel reporter

    Hi Josef,

    thanks for the quick answer. Actually all I need is including files from subdirectories (makse the document an the contents easier to handle than one big file).

    Using your example below, I was able to make comments appear in included files.

    But... my problem is that I can only get a certain number of comments visible. The rest of them get ignored. Some of the comments do not cover the text that should be highlighted.

    Attached is the whole project. Depending on which \pdfmarkupcomment gets included or not, the one at the end of the document is disappearing. I saw this independant of weather I have included files or only one .tex-file.

    Any idea what that could be?

    (See attached file: pdfcomment - example.zip)

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