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Kim-Anh Le Cao repo owner created an issue

Email from Arno V

When conducting the multilevel PCA, it works on some parts of the data, but other parts give following error: 'Error in : non-conformable arrays'. When performing multilevel PLS-DA on the same data, it does not give an error, just a warning: 'In cor(Ak, variates.Ak) : the standard deviation is zero'. Is there a way to solve this error in PCA and is it related to the warning in PLS-DA? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Florian Rohart

    Looks like there's NA in the data "" comes from the nipals algorithm. I'd say there's probably parameters with no variance, and PCA doesn't remove any parameters, so maybe removing some parameters as a pre-processing will help.

    I can't say much more at this point. Data would help

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