Acessing plot from auroc()

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Issue #131 resolved
Edward Moseley created an issue

Hi there,

I'm working with mixOmics for the first time, and I'm wondering if there is a way to change the plot name for plots resulting from auroc().

Currently, when I try to store the function's output, I'm only getting a list of component values.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Florian Rohart

    Hi Edward,

    It will be possible in the next release, I've added an example in the help file on how to do it:

    X <- breast.tumors$gene.exp
    Y <- breast.tumors$sample$treatment
    plsda.breast <- plsda(X, Y, ncomp = 2)
    auc.plsda.breast = auroc(plsda.breast, ncomp = 1)
    # changing plot title
    p = auc.plsda.breast$graph.Comp1 #saving the ggplot graph in p
    p+ggtitle("Something witty")


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