prcomp vs. pca - fix prop. var. explained in pca()

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Issue #134 resolved
Amrit Singh created an issue

X <- matrix(rnorm(32000), 1000, 32) pc_prcomp <- stats::prcomp(X, scale. = TRUE, center = TRUE, rank. = 2) pc_pca <- mixOmics::pca(X, scale = TRUE, center = TRUE, ncomp = 2) summary(pc_prcomp); summary(pc_pca)

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  1. Florian Rohart

    The correct results can be already found in pc_pca$explained_variance. It's an error in the print.pca function.

    Thanks for reporting!

  2. Florian Rohart

    actually it's in the summary.pca, not the print.pca (the print is fine)

    Will be fixed in the next release

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