Sparcity estimation for SGCCA

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Issue #135 resolved
Josue Castro created an issue

Hi there I am trying to applied SGCCA (wrapper.sgcca) on three matrices, gut-16s data, gut-viral-metagenomes and gut-metabolome. What would be the best way (or tool within mixOmics) to estimate the appropriate penalty (between 0-1) of the model for variable selection?

Thanks in advance!


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  1. Al J Abadi

    Hi , sorry we’re getting back to you now as we had not realised we have not updated our issues page on Bioconductor (we’re now on GitHub and discussions are on Discourse). As this is not a software issue and more of a theoretical question may I ask you to submit this on Discourse please so our team can help you out? This way other users with similar questions can also benefit.

  2. Al J Abadi

    I assume the issue has been resolved. Please refer to the tune function documentation in mixOmics for more info.

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