splsda bug with 1 component

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Issue #154 resolved
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If a model is trained with splsda with only one component, the object it creates cannot be called. It gives the following error:

Error in switch(classifier, logistic = { : EXPR must be a length 1 vector

The components of the object can still be accessed through the $ operator. Also cim() still works on it but predict does not work.

This does not happen with normal plsda. I can reproduce this bug using the following code:

X <- liver.toxicity$gene
Y <- as.factor(liver.toxicity$treatment[, 4])

samp <- sample(1:5, nrow(X), replace = TRUE)  
test <- which(samp == 1)   # testing on the first fold
train <- setdiff(1:nrow(X), test)

plsda.train <- plsda(X[train, ], Y[train], ncomp = 1)
splsda.train <- splsda(X[train, ], Y[train], ncomp = 1)

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  1. Florian Rohart

    Hi there,

    can't reproduce this error on the latest version (6.7.1 at the moment), so... Maybe it was fixed at some point!

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