Error in n() : could not find function "n" Perf.diablo

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Issue #163 resolved
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Dear MixOmics users,

Lately, I am encountering difficulties running Diablo, I am getting the following errors when I run, perf.diablo = perf(sgccda.res, validation = 'Mfold', folds = 7, nrepeat = 10)

Error in n() : could not find function "n"

This was when I tried to analyse a new dataset.

So, I went back and I tried to re-run the diablo script on a data that I successfully did a few months back, but unfortunately, I get the same error there too. Do know what was wrong here.

I am working on an RNAseq and Lipidomics data sets from two different tissues.

I appreciate much if you could help resolve this issue.

Thank you Sincerely Maharajah

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